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Optic Fast Connector:SC-UPC-5002

Optic Fast Connector:SC-UPC-5002

MOQ: >500

Brand: HRI

Delivery Time: within 7 days after full payment

Start Port: Shenzhen

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Product Description

Our Fast Connector series connectors are now available in FC, SC and LC variants, catering for 250um to 900um diameter single mode and multimode fiber types, including Multi-mode 62.5/125um and Multi-mode 50/125um. The single-mode versions are available with PC or APC ferrules.

Product information

Applicable for

Drop cable,indoor cable

Tensile strength


Fiber Mode

Single mode or Multi mode Reusable Time ≥ 10 times
Operation Time About 50 seconds (not including fiber cut time) Operating Temperature -40~+85℃
Insert Loss ≤.5dB On-line Tensile Strength(20N) △IL≤.3dB
Insertion Loss Typical Value 0.3dB Mechanical Durability(500 times) △IL≤.3dB
Return Loss ≥50dB Drop-off test (drop off height 4m,once per direction,totally 3 times) △IL≤.3dB
Fastening Strength of Naked Fiber ≥5N
  • SC/APC-L5002

  • SC/UPC-L5002

  • 1. Apply for FTTH optical fiber

    2. Easy installation and connection

    3. The same function as standardoptical connector 

    4. Without redundant cable,easy Management

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