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IP 68 Waterproof ODVA MPO-SC FTTA Patch Cord 12 Fibers Breakout Cable

IP 68 Waterproof ODVA MPO-SC FTTA Patch Cord 12 Fibers Breakout Cable

MOQ: >500

Material: PP

Brand: HRI

Delivery Time: 5-25days

Start Port: Shenzhen

Supply Ability: 1000pcs/day

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Product Description

MPO Breakout cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles..


No.of Cable 12
Fiber Model G.657A1
Strength Member Material Aramid yarn
Tight Buffer Material PVC
Diameter(±0.06)mm 0.90
Thickness(±0.03)mm 0.30
Outer Sheath Material TPU
Color Black
Thickness(±0.1)mm 0.8 1.2
Cable Diameter (±0.2)mm 6.2 8.5
Cable Weight (±5)kg/km 35 68
Min. bending radius Without Tension 10.0 x Cable-∅
Under Maximum Tension 20.0 x Cable-∅
Temperature range(℃) Installation -20~+60
Transport&Storage -40~+70
Operation -40~+70
  • The best insertion loss and return loss ensure stable signal transmission and network security.Good thermal stability, high hardness, strong environmental adaptability.

  • In the case of extreme fiber bending, the optical signal leaked to the outside of the core due to bending is retained to reduce fiber loss and print clearly.

Product Features

1. High Performance in IL&RL

2. 4/8/12 and 24 fiber connector terminations and assemblies

3. Designed for low loss and standard loss SM and MM application

4. Economical solution for mass-ermination of fiber

5. Suitable for MPO/MTP application

6. Compliant to directive 200/95/EC(RoHS)

7. MPO connector complies with IEC-61754-7

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