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3 in 1 IP68 Waterproof Connector Compatible

3 in 1 IP68 Waterproof Connector Compatible

MOQ: >500

Material: ABS

Brand: HRI

Delivery Time: 7-25days

Start Port: Shenzhen

Supply Ability: 500pcs/day

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Product Description

HRI Waterproof outdoor Mini SC APC fast filed assembly connector which is compatible with OptiTap adapter, suitable for drop flat cable, and very convenient for terminal operation, according to different lengths.

Product information

Application cable Φ3.0mm、5.0mm Round cable; 2*3mm、2*5mm Flat cable. Waterproof level IP68
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB(Typical:0.2dB) Return loss ≥60(8°Angled)
Repeatability ≤0.2dB Interchangeability ≤0.2dB
Mechanical Durability 500 times-△IL≤0.2dB Tractive power

≥60N(Φ5.0mm Round cable);

≥100N(2*3mm、2*5mm Flat cable);

 ≥200N(Φ5.0mm Round cable)

Attenuation change after traction ≤0.1dB Working temperature -40~+85℃

Product Features

Huawei、Corning and FuruKawa Universal Type

  1. Provides moisture and dust protection for use in harsh industrial environments.IP68 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof.
  2. The product consists of the main connector and the adapters, which is suitable for connect Huawei FAST adapter and Corning OPT adapter and FuruKawa Slim adapter.
  3. Utilize traditional field installation techniques for aerial, below ground and duct applications.
  4. Connector inner low loss parts conforms to the SC-APC standard of IEC61754-4.
  5. Suitable for outdoor installation, with the functions of waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistance.
  6. Broad temperature range (-40 to+85°C) is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Huawei、Corning and FuruKawa Universal Type Universal Type

  • for OptiTap Adapter

  • for Slim Adapter

  • for Mini SC Adapter

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