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MPO/UPC-8LC/UPC Connectors, DPX, OM4, LSZH shell

MPO/UPC-8LC/UPC Connectors, DPX, OM4, LSZH shell

MOQ: >500

Material: PE

Brand: HRI

Delivery Time: 5-15days

Start Port: Shenzhen

Supply Ability: 1000pcs/day

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Product Description

MPO-8LC-UPC-OM4 is MPO Female to 8x LC male, OM4 Multimode, 8 Fiber, Type B cable available in length from 1 meter to 50 meters. This MPO to 8x LC cable uses 50/125-micron Multimode fiber with a cable jacket diameter of 3 mm on the MPO end, and 2 mm diameter on the LC ends. The cable jacket material is available in two options – Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum (OFNP). The LSZH cable jacket ensures lower smoke and zero smoke characteristics, but OFNP cables have fire resistance and low smoke characteristics. OFNP is the highest fire-rating fiber cable; no other cable types can be used as substitutes. MPO to 8x LC cable supports 850nm and 1310nm wavelengths, and its attenuation at 850nm is 2.5dB/km and at 1310nm is 0.6dB/km which ensures best performance at short distances. Operating temperature is rated to -20C to +70C which suits a wide range of environments. MPO-8LC-UPC-OM4 MPO to 8x LC cable is manufactured with Type B crossover configuration to support 40G-QSFP-SR4 to 10G-SFP+ SR, or 100G-QSFP28-SR4 to 25G-SFP28-SR high speed Data Center applications.

Product information

Parameters Specifications Notes
Fiber Count 8F

Comply with RoHS requirement; 

Endface comply with IEC 61300-3-35

Fiber Type OS2/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5
Test Wavelength 850nm (Multimode)
1310 & 1550nm(Single Mode)
Insertion Loss MPO/ MTP® Standard loss ≤0.75dB
Low loss ≤0.35dB
LC UPC ≤0.25dB
Return Loss Multimode ≥20
Single Mode ≥60 (APC)、≥50 (UPC) dB
L and L1 According to customer requirements
Mechanical Endurance  ≥500 Times
Working temperature  -20 ~+60℃

Product Features

1. Low insertion loss and high return loss
2. Excellent end face geometry parameter
3. Special spec.available upon customer’s request.

Applicable Scope

1. Data transmission Networks
2. Image transmission Networks
3. Optical test instrument

  • MPO Female

  • 8x LC(UPC) Male

  • OM4 50/125um Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)

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