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FC-UPC-SM SX Fibre Optical Patch Cords 3.0MM LSZH 3M

FC-UPC-SM SX Fibre Optical Patch Cords 3.0MM LSZH 3M

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Product Description

The optical Fiber Connectors (Commonly we call Patch Cords) is a length of optical cable with connectors fixed on two ends to realize the optical path active connection. Pigtail is a length fiber cable with only one connector fixed on one end. If both sides of the connector or its end-face are different, we call it hybrid patch cord. According to the transmission medium, it divides Single Mode and Multi Mode; according to the connector structure type, it divides FC, SC, ST, MU, D4, E2000, LC etc.; according to the polished ceramic end-face, it divides PC, UPC and APC.

Product information

Item Unit Index
Out of roundness / ≦10%
Bend radius mm ≥30
Attenuation value dB/km ≦0.36(1310nm)≦0.25(1550nm)
Flame retardancy / Accord with UL94-V0 standard
  • The best insertion loss and return loss ensure stable signal transmission and network security. Good thermal stability, high hardness, strong environmental adaptability.

  • Ultra-high bending performance can meet the requirements of corner bending, improve the utilization of cable, and ensure the normal and stable operation of communication.

  • In the case of extreme fiber bending, the optical signal leaked to the outside of the core due to bending is retained to reduce fiber loss and print clearly.

  • Tie the line into the PE bag, the connector head position down, product labels affixed to the middle of the PE bag. The long side of the label is parallel to the bottom edge of the PE bag, finally put it into the carton.

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