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Conventional Central Tube Air-blown Micro Cable (2-24 cores)

Conventional Central Tube Air-blown Micro Cable (2-24 cores)

Air-blown micro cables use air-blown laying methods to connect optical branch points and user access points. The optical cable has good mechanical and temperature properties, high tensile strength guaranteed by fiberglass, good flexibility, easy construction, and low cost.

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Product information

Micro cable model GCYFXY--xxF (MTE+outer diameter )
Number of fiber cores 2~12 14~24
HDPE outer sheath thickness nominal: 0.50mm, smallest: 0.40mm
Nominal outer diameter 4.0mm 4.5mm
Approximate weight 12kg/km 16kg/km
Maximum pulling force 120N  150N
Maximum crushing force 1000N/100mm
Allowable minimum static bending radius 10 times the outer diameter of the optical cable
Minimum dynamic bending radius allowed 20 times the outer diameter of the optical cable
Applicable temperature range Storage -40~+60℃; Installation -10~+40℃; Operation -30~+50℃
Optical cable life (estimated) 25 years

Product Structure


  1. Special composite material loose casing to reduce low temperature casing retraction;
  2. The remaining length of the optical fiber is precisely controlled and the performance of the optical cable is stable;
  3. Unique process control prevents the sheath from wrinkling during air blowing;
  4. High-density polyethylene outer sheath to increase air blowing distanc

Applicable Scope

  1. Air blowing installation;
  2. Core network;
  3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN);
  4. Access network;
  5. Backbone network;
  6. Local Area Network (LAN);
  7. FTTx network;
  8. Data center;
  9. 5G

Air Blowing Performance

Test Equipment Pipe models suitable for air delivery and corresponding typical air delivery lengths

Polyment: PRM-196, PR140, etc.

Air pressure: 13bar

Number of fiber cores Microtube model 3.5/5.0mm Microtube model 5.5/7.0mm
2~12 cores 800m 1500m
14~24 cores 500m 1500m

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