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25G SFP28 (25G-30G Transceiver)

25G SFP28 (25G-30G Transceiver)

SFP28 optic modules will be used widely in 25G FC , wireless station CPRI system, and 25G Ethernet. 25Gbps and 28Gbps will be met by HRI- 28G product series at different applications. HRI- SFP28 SR and LR are both available for ordering.

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range
SFP28 CLSFP25GSR MMF 25G/28G 850nm 100m LC COM. IND.
SFP28 CLSFP25GSR-400 MMF 25G/28G 850nm 400m LC COM. IND.
SFP28 CLSFP25GLR SMF 25G/28G 1310nm 10km LC COM. IND.
SFP28 CLSFP25GLR20 SMF 25G/28G 1310nm 20km Simplex LC COM. IND.

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