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SFP+ DAC assemblies provide a cost-effective solution over fiber optics in short reach applications. The design allows for serial data transmission up to 10Gbps in each direction.

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Rate Part No. Pot Package Form Reach Case Temperature range Fiber Type
10G SFP - 10G SFP CLC10GSFP-1M DAC Cable 1m 0~70℃ 30AWG
CLC10GSFP-2M DAC Cable 2m 0~70℃ 30AWG
CLC10GSFP-3M DAC Cable 3m 0~70℃ 30AWG
CLC10GSFP-5M DAC Cable 5m 0~70℃ 24AWG
CLC10GSFP-7M DAC Cable 7m 0~70℃ 24AWG
CLC10GSFP-10M DAC Cable 10m 0~70℃ 24AWG

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